Cook as much food as you can without burning or freezing the meal!

CONTROLS: Rest your index fingers on the keys A and L, your middle fingers on Q and P, and tap to activate the burners.

TIP: Different meals require different amounts of heat, try to get a feel for each of them.

*Android version also available!*

Source code: GitHub

License: MIT


Game by Ryan (FigyTuna), Art by Stacia, Music by Antti Luode, Font by Julieta Ulanovsky


Hot Pot Panic.apk 18 MB
Download 17 MB
Download 18 MB
Download 29 MB
Download 16 MB
Download 15 MB


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I'm a better chef in real life 😂 XD

Great touchscreen controls on Android (lg g5) like the music

Gameplay isn't super intuitive with timing but you can get a feel (i know it's a game jam)

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My high score was 30. This game is fun.