CAUTION: MOTION SICKNESS / SEIZURE WARNING. This game contains lots of wobbly imagery with changing colors.

(For best results, download for Linux or Windows)

I DREAM OF CATS! Click or tap to float around the dreamscape in search of cats! The more items you interact with that make your dog happy, the more likely you are to encounter interesting dreams!

Made for Open Jam 2021. Source on GitHub.

Game made using the Godot game engine(MIT) and a custom module for audio synthesis(MIT) prepared before the game jam. All audio is produced on the fly by sampling various waveforms, combining them in different ways, and passing them through some of Godot's audio effects.

Backgrounds made using Earthbound-like battle background shader w/scroll effect and palette cycling by r3tr0_dev (CC0)

All artwork drawn with Krita.

Game, audio, and background art by FigyTuna

Artwork by nicoleperson

Drawings of cats by Melissa Hood

Hint, some key items that might lead you to cats under the right circumstances: Rope Toy, Zzz, Bat, Syringe, Fur Ball, Hydrant. The paws help you get around but won't lead directly to cats.


Download 108 MB
I Dream of 31 MB

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