Use the space bar to ascend with paint!

Don't run out of paint! Go fast with speed boosts! Get extra points from stars!

Note: May not work in a private browser. You may need to enable cookies. (Seems to be a problem with Godot). Try downloading the game if it doesn't work in your browser.

Update: Fixed issue when using full screen.

Source code: GitHub

License: GPL-3.0

Software used: Godot, GIMP, sfxr, Audacity


Game by FigyTuna, Music by Allison, Cover Art by Andrew, Paint Rider Images by Sarah, Paint Bottle Image by Mason

Install instructions

No need to install. No extra dependencies. Let me know if you come across any problems.


PaintRider_Linux_64 27 MB
PaintRider_Linux_32 26 MB
PaintRider_Windows_64.exe 17 MB
PaintRider_Windows_32.exe 15 MB
Download 19 MB
PaintRider.apk 9 MB


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High score: 1535

My high score 1415


nice take on the whole flappybird thing. i like it!